Sunday, 17 October 2010

*NEW POST* - A Lost Walk

Note: I thought I'd take a break from the first trip stuff and post something more recent. So the story of the lost walk begins ...

I needed a day out. I asked the boys and the only one that was interested in going along for a walk was Casey - and that was only because there was a fort to be seen. We loaded up on a few snacks and bottles of water and we were off. I sent a text to my facebook page (which didn't show up until after midnight, making my FB friends think I was a nutter!) and then we were off.

We did get a later start than I wanted but we left anyway, thinking we had enough information and time to get through. We arrived shortly in the place where we thought the walk began. Turned out, we were in the wrong place and wasted about a half hour in the process. Second stop, long, tree lined path that after about ten minutes, stopped dead and had to walk back to the car. Both of us were a little disgusted about this time and we nearly just left for home.

But we weren't to be defeated! If we were going to come back another time, we would need to know where to start off. We kept driving along until lo and behold, we found a sign to Loch Glow! Driving down the long dirt road, we finally came to a car park in front of an amazing loch, tucked away in the Blairadam Forrest.

Casey suggested we go backward through the route to see the fort, which is why he came along in the first place. We started along the path backwards and after about an hour, found the fort. Spectacular views from the top - we could see Edinburgh, Grangemouth (not far away from home), and Loch Leven and Kinross.

While we were on top of the iron age hill fort, we could hear the sound of a tin whistle - which was being played by someone on the path below. With the wind whistling around, the two sounds blended perfectly and soothed the soul.

It was when we headed back to the car that we realized we'd made a terrible mistake. We were following a horse track instead of a foot path. It wasn't until we found ourselves ankle deep in murky water standing on a rain-soaked field that we our mistake was obvious.

Heading for what we thought was a road, we climbed fences and scaled stone walls before finding it was another dead end. Earlier, I'd noticed that there was a road to our left. Instead of heading for the car (which was within sight!) we headed for the road. I had no idea what was between us and the car so I made an executive decision.

Finally! We made it to the road and I called home. I told them what was going on and that we were on a road, we were safe, and there was still enough daylight left for us to get back without much trouble. I knew about where we were so it was just a matter of finding the road to the car. It was so nice to know we were on solid ground once again - ground that didn't give way under our tired feet!

It felt like we walked and walked and walked for ages! But at last, Casey spied a sign - the one we'd seen hours earlier - Loch Glow! I reckon it was another mile or so down the dirt road but I finally caught sight of the camper where the caretaker resides - right in the car park!

As we approached the car, I noticed the sunset burning up the sky! Immediately taking the camera out of the bag, I headed toward the shore of the loch and got some fantastic shots! The caretaker came out of his camper and told Casey to cover his ears. Then he set off an air horn - a quick way to tell all the fishermen to come in so he didn't have to personally go out and find them all. He told me he was getting a little worried about us but was happy to see us before dark.

We drove home with wet feet and tired bones. Peter had Chinese waiting on us when we got home. Curled up on a warm sofa, we watched Saturday evening tele and enjoyed each other's company. Solid ground is a great thing, you know!

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